> February 2019
Love the right Carb !!

There’s so much debate and confusion around carbohydrates these days. Some experts tell us to avoid them and follow other-types of diet programmes while others advise us to ‘carb up!!’.

We all know that refined, processed sugars are lethal for our health and looks. In fact, it is one of the most devastatingly ageing things we can have. Refined sugars make us age rapidly by causing untold damage to us internally as it compromises many of our organs’ ability to function and can even lead to their total failure. They can also affect our skin, causing it to wrinkle as the collagen stiffens, breaks and collapses. So simple, processed, refined carbohydrates such as sugar must be avoided.

Equally, complex carbohydrates found in their natural state in plant-based whole foods have huge benefits in that they are wrapped up in hugely beneficial Phyto-chemicals (including vitamins and minerals) that are intensely health-enhancing.

Resistant starch has many helpful functions and one of these is that it is a prebiotic. Prebiotics are a form of food that our healthy gut bacteria feed on and when we have an abundance of healthy bacteria. When your good bacteria flourish, they can then get on with the job of vitamin production, hormone regulation, toxin excretion and the creation of healing compounds that keep your gut – and you - healthy and functioning properly.

Imbalances of healthy and unhealthy bacteria are implicated in obesity, heart disease, autoimmune illness, diabetes, inflammatory bowel diseases, and many cancers. Resistant starch improves your metabolism and blood sugar levels. It can also improve insulin sensitivity and reduces your blood sugar following meals. This means that it can help reverse type 2 diabetes – if a healthy diet is also followed.

Add resistant starch to your diet:

1) Cook, then cool your starches. This process changes starches and how your body digests them, decreasing insulin spikes and feeding good bacteria. For example, cool pasta or potatoes after cooking, and place in the fridge for a few hours before eating or reheat them for an extra hit.

2) Eat plenty of complex, unrefined carbohydrates. Healthy guts thrive on a wholefood, plant-based diet which provides plenty of nutrient-dense, fibre rich foods. Try to increase your intake of broccoli, aubergine, courgettes, green beans and asparagus.

3) Eat prebiotic-rich foods to feed your gut bacteria. Add raw chicory and dandelion leaves into salads. Try to incorporate bananas, Jerusalem artichokes, onions, garlic and leeks into your diet daily.

Interesting facts
The bacteria in our intestine outnumber our body’s cells 10 to one. In that respect, we are only 10 percent human.

Most foods we eat feed only 10 percent of our cells,  and resistant starches feed the other 90 percent.

We have over 100 trillion bacteria living inside us and weighing about three pounds.


> JANUARY 2019

2019 should all be about improving our physical and mental wellbeing going forward.
Financial restraints, relationship woes and over indulging with too much excess of food and wine after the Christmas season? You are not alone. 

The global wellness market has grown 12.8 per cent in the last two years. As soon as the New Year begins; we all fall fowl…. working longer hours, eating when we can and on a constant play harder attitude leaving us feeling 'overwhelmed' or 'unable to cope'.

It's no wonder that we are constantly searching for new ways to improve our mental and physical wellbeing. Luckily, there's a lot more to the wellness industry than just yoga and scented candles. In fact, there are many ways to add a sense of wellbeing into your life in 2019...

Social usage- To decrease social media usage, individuals are increasingly turning to usage monitoring technology provided by Apple, Facebook and Twitter.

Corporate wellness- Once upon a time your wellbeing was an individual matter, but companies are now realising that they have a responsibility to look after their employees mental and physical health.

Breathing classes- We don't often think about it but focusing on your breathing could be the most significant act of self-preservation. Focusing on deep and shallow breathing can really elevate your stress levels.

Clean comfort food- You'd be hard-pressed not to notice the growth in gluten and dairy-free lifestyles. It’s no surprise that bespoke nutrition plans that make eating this way easy and enjoyable are becoming more popular.

Crystals- 2019 is set to be when crystal healing finally becomes mainstream. With the Duchess of Sussex's wearing black onyx and diamond necklace that she wears for protection and love, this trend will continue.

Intuitive eating - The no-diet approach has been silently growing in popularity in recent years as it allows you to embrace your hunger, makes you focus on when you're full and puts realigning your own feelings about your body first.

Sound healing -While sound therapy isn't new, it's been used in Tibetan, Chinese and Indian cultures for centuries. The West is drawing on that expertise and incorporating sound medicine into yoga sessions, spa treatments and workshops

More accessible yoga retreats - With yoga a mainstay in the British fitness and wellness scene, we predict a further growth in trips abroad for a more immersive experience.

Male wellness – The Wellness industry has too often been directed towards women but that needs to change, especially as suicide is the leading cause of death among young men. Whether it's from male-focused yoga classes or specially formulated supplements, expect to see the industry embrace a much more diverse range for all.

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