Clear Vibrational Healing.

For the purposes of crystal healing, crystals have a distinct arranged, impalpable repeating structural matrix. For the purposes of crystal healing, all kinds of stones are often referred to for healing all sorts of gemstones, semi-precious stones, pieces of rock or amorphous substances.

Good vibrations - People talk often refer to colour characters between crystals and the chakras, about the effects of light and energy on our bodies and the fact that our bodies contain a huge volume of water through which vibrations can pass. There workings are truly a source of connection, whilst they appear to look calm on the outside, internally crystals form a simmering mass of energy as their tiny particles vibrate around atomic cores.

Crystal selection - There are ways to choose a crystal: intuitively and by dowsing. Crystal energy is delicate but once you are attuned to it and focused, you will quickly be able to recognise the right crystal for you: The dowsing technique: Finger dowsing is an excellent way to choose a crystal. It works by harnessing your body’s unique and distinctive ability to tell you what is good for you and what is not. Start by looping your thumb and finger together. (Use whichever hand instinctively feels right to you.) Slip your other thumb and finger through the loop and close them. Hold the loop over a crystal and ask if this one is beneficial for you. Pull steadily. If the loop breaks, the answer is no. If the loop holds, the answer is yes. 

The intuitive method- By Consenting to a crystal to ‘speak’ to you involves opening your inner eyes and ears and seeking with your heart rather than your head to find out which crystal would like to be worked with. First, relax and quieten your mind, then choose the crystal that your eyes first alight on, the one that seems to stick to your fingers or the one you suddenly realise you’ve been carrying around. When you connect with the crystal’s vibration you may feel your energy jump or tingle (like getting an electric shock), it may pulse in your hand. 

Fine-tuning - Many people ask why crystals don’t work for them and why they feel dragged down rather than uplifted when they handle a crystal. Frequently this is because the crystal hasn’t yet been asked to work or been attuned to the user’s unique energy frequency. An even more likely answer is that it hasn’t been cleansed before use. Crystals pick up vibrations from everyone who handles them, and they also absorb negative energies. So, if you don’t cleanse your crystals you’ll pick up bad vibes and won’t feel any of the benefits that a purified crystal can bring you.


>January 2020

Liquid Gold for the skin!

It is important to follow a skincare routine, making sure you include some essential Vitamin based products that can provide a stable support to your skin to help restore and rejuvenate your skin’s complexion.

Vitamin A, in skincare, is classed in 3 essential chemical compounds and includes Retinal, Retinol and Retinoic Acid. Popular topical products include Retin A, Retinol and Tretinoin.  Vitamin A, in skincare products works by regulating the skin’s function and is used to correct skin conditions. Vitamin A is an excellent product that encourages skin cell turnover by stimulating collagen production and addressing visible signs of ageing including fine lines & wrinkles by permeating further into the skin to improve the skin’s appearance. Vitamin A helps to de-clog pores, treat acne, acne scarring and regulate oil production as well as even out one’s skin tone by reducing brown spots, pigmentation and sun damage.

NOTE: Seek the guidance of a qualified Skin Expert, as some products are prescription only whilst others, are over the counter.

Vitamin B, is a multi-purpose serum that targets an assortment of skin complaints. Namely, it works to steady the skin’s barrier to relieve, repair and improve the skin’s immunity, boosting the skin’s vitality. Vitamin B includes an influential component called B3/ niacinamide; this helps to reduce redness, improve the skin’s tone & texture, refine open pores, regulate the skin’s oil production, reduce fine lines &wrinkles and improve the skin’s hydration.

NOTE: Vitamin B is suitable for all, but is well received with those who suffer from rosacea, dry & sensitive skin. To maximise and compliment your results, Vitamin B can be used with either or both Vitamin A & C to maximise the most effective results.

Vitamin C, is an ascorbic acid product that contains powerful antioxidant to shield the skin cells from free radical damage from the daily attack of UV rays, consequently protecting the skin from sun damage and therefore promoting collagen synthesis to address early signs of ageing by reducing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles and leaving a much smoother and radiant complexion. Additionally, Vitamin C also helps to brighten uneven skin tone and helps improve the skin’s elasticity, helping the skin to look more youthful.

NOTE: Seek guidance and advice of a Skin Care Expert if you have sensitive skin (Vitamin B, may be a better option).


Happy New Year!

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